Commitment for Success

AME mainly focuses on excellent customer service, and guarantees a steadfast approach to quality, health and safety,
we deliver a smooth and reliable customer experience to clients throughout the UAE. Through out the duration of its operation, Al Mansoor will:

General HSE Policy

  • Comply with all current statutory Requirements regarding HSE issues.
  • Ensure our HSE policy complies with that of its Client's.
  • Ensure sub contractors and visitors adhere to company HSE Policy and follow relevant, documented HSE procedures.
  • Hold all levels of management responsible for the promotion & maintenance of company HSE procedures.
  • Design, implement and monitor measurable HSE targets, such as Lost Time Injuries (LTI's).
  • On the basis of HSE target result, recommend and implement procedures to better achieve set targets.
  • Internally audit and review HSE performances to ensure compliance with current Statutory Regulations.
  • Implement on going Training Programs internally & externally to ensure all employees are fully conversant with the latest HSE requirements.
  • Openly report HSE performance both internally and externally.
  • Ensure that equipment is environmentally friendly, efficient and energy conserving.
  • Ensure that we practice the adage - reduce, re-use and recycle.
  • To conserve the use of paper by utilizing electronic transactions where possible.

Health Policy

  • Continually analyze and assess risk factors, both physical and social, which effect employee's health.
  • Provide personal protective equipment (PPE) where necessary.
  • Conduct activities with the aim of minimizing harm to the health of employees, subcontractors and those living close to the areas of operation.
  • Maintain adequate employee medical records.
  • Provide employees and subcontractors with a healthy living environment to minimize the risk of disease and infection.
  • Ensures awareness through education and training of health hazard, common disorders and precautionary preventive measures which can be adopted by all employees and subcontractors.
  • Promote the physical and psychological health of employees to enable them to discharge their responsibilities effectively at an optimum level.

Safety Policy

  • Establish risk assessment plan for critical activities.
  • Supply PPE in potentially hazardous situations.
  • Focus employee awareness through ongoing training of safety i.e. internally & external as well.
  • Ensure all operation are carried out with the safety of employees, subcontractor and the community as a primary objective.
  • Provide and maintain "First Aid" facilities at all living and working areas.
  • Ensure all operation are fully compliant with statutory regulations governing the safety of employees and the community.

Environmental Policy

  • Minimize the impact of our operations on the environment and protect native and endangered flora around the workplace area.
  • Minimize damage to the environment resulting from the disposal of all waste products generated within workplace and residential areas.
  • Continuously strive to improve the efficient use of energy and natural resources.
  • Focus employees and subcontractor awareness of the surrounding natural environment and provide training on prevent environment impact strategies.
  • Ensure that all operations and policies are in line with current municipality, local federal and international environmental legislation.
  • Ensure that best work practices include the "reduce, re-use and recycle" adage where possible.
  • Ensure that all office equipment is environmental friendly and energy efficient.
  • Reduce paper usage by utilizing electronics transactions where possible.


  • Manpower Supply

Corporate Philosophy

  •   Our mission is to exceed client's expectations by providing flexible, scalable and performance-driven solutions that help our clients accomplish their strategic business goals.